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Barend Lötter

+27 82 923 4752


Barend founded Muscle Matters in 2020, bringing his expertise as a certified Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer to the forefront. In addition to these skills, Barend is a qualified Pharmacist's Assistant registered with the South African Pharmacy Council. This diverse background gives him a unique understanding of medicine, supplements, and their effects on the human body, nutrition, and mental health.

Barend's approach to training and massage is both gentle and effective, fueled by a genuine passion for people and their well-being. His extensive knowledge comes from personal experience, having undergone his own transformative journey. With a deep understanding of weight management, diet, and exercise, Barend firmly believes, "It's not what you eat, but how much you eat." He advocates for sustainable weight management, emphasizing that quick fixes often lead to unsustainable results. Barend himself lost over 20kg gradually, understanding that starvation only leads to eventual weight regain.

In his free time, Barend enjoys the outdoors, long-distance road running, and occasionally trail running or mountain biking.


Sports Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Personal Fitness Trainer

Post Basic Qualified Pharmacist's Assistant

Sandra Van Zyl

+27 72 658 8123 


Sandra began her studies in massage therapy inspired by her own journey with physical challenges. Her personal experiences ignited a passion for understanding the body, the mind-body connection, and the interplay of muscles. With 12 years of experience, she has pursued various massage disciplines to deepen her expertise. Sandra specializes in Sports massage therapy, Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Hot stone massage, and Hot & Cold stone therapy. The latter is especially beneficial post-sport event, promoting quicker healing through increased blood flow. Sandra finds great satisfaction in contributing to the well-being of others through her practice.

Outside of her professional life, Sandra enjoys immersing herself in nature through camping. This love for the outdoors reflects her appreciation for natural beauty and tranquility, which likely influences her therapeutic techniques. Additionally, Sandra is a versatile artist, with interests in photography, drawing, painting and writing. These artistic pursuits allow her to express her creativity and capture the world from different perspectives, further enriching her personal and professional life.


Sports Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot and Cold Stone Therapy

Holistic Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage Therapy